The White River National Forest has over 640,000 acres of inventoried roadless areas. Currently, the U.S. Forest Service's Draft Colorado Roadless Rule purports to conserve the wild qualities of these roadless acres. Unfortunately, the Colorado Rule was loaded up with so many loopholes for special interests that it's unclear if any roadless acres would actually be protected.

The United States Forest Service is currently taking public comment on this proposed rule and will be holding an open house in Glenwood Springs on Sept 10 (click here for details). This is an important opportunity to reiterate what millions of people across the nation have said over and over: that we want the White River National Forest's roadless areas to remain roadless.

Citizens for Roadless Area Defense (C-RAD) is a group of residents of communities in the White River National Forest region who are working to build support for continued roadless area protections. Our goal is to protect the recreational, economic, and ecological values of our nation’s most visited National Forest by keeping its roadless areas as they are – roadless!

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